2015 Toyota Avalon Questions

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low fuel lite never comes on. could it be a burnt out bulb?
I only got 21000 miles on my 2015 Avolon I had this problem 6 mo, ago. Now it's getting
worse . I checked just about everything ,& I think something is draining the Battery & I have to jump start it.
This does not happen every time I drive but happened three times in 5 days, it happened usually after about 50 miles of driving. I parked the car and try to lock the car then the car does not respond at all. However the car's power come back in about 40-60 mins then all functions are working again. I took to the Toyota dealer but they have not able to find anything wrong with the car after checking the car for 7 days. Any ideas ?
the backup camera had an audible warning if another car was near. This stopped working and I can not find how to get it restarted.
I hear sqeaking sound goinng over humps. Its under warranty changed struts. 2 months later same sound. Said the other strut. Suggested that i have barrens replaced. I own a 2003 Sequioa and never had barrens changed.
I understand it was part of a tech package. The car does have Adaptive Cruise control and automatic high beams. Is there a way I can be sure it has pre-collision?
When using my heater in my 2015 Avalon, the center console gets extremely hot. I've measured it with an Infrared Thermometer and it gets up to 129+degrees after being in use for a 15-20 min drive. It is actually painful to touch in some areas. Toyota's Service Manager told me this is normal. How is this normal? There is no way for me to turn off or control the temperature of the backseat heater located in this center console. Anything I put in the cup holders or in the storage under the radio gets hot. Chocolate melts, chapstick melts, cold drinks get warm. I'm very unhappy with this. Is this really normal?
Noise became noticeable after last dealer oil change and tire rotation at 39,000 miles. Car now has 40,000 miles. I replaced tires at 36,000 miles at an independent tire store and they balanced them at time of installation.
Toyota service says this is not under warranty? Why? Cost to repair is quoted at $370.(wasn't given option to select Corolla in above model slot)
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