2014 Toyota Avalon Questions

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it burns too much gas quickly. Its only has 27000 miles on it
What seems to make the problem better or worse? worse when i'm driving
How long have you had this problem? a month
My car Avalon 2014 , when I push the start push button the ready sign is not appear after several attempt the car is ready , I get the following msg : vehicle stability control OFF then a signal of Check Charging System appear
What seems to make the problem better or worse? None
How long have you had this problem? 1 week
Why does my automatic transmission downshift instead of "coasting" when there is no demand for power as my foot is lifted from the accelerator? The transmission will down shift at specific speeds as the car begins to gradually slow causing an increase in RPMs on the tach, and a "noticeable decrease" in speed. It is as if downshifting to use "engine braking" to slow the car down. The transmission can be felt downshifting at approximately 46mph with a very slight increase in engine rpm; more noticeable at approximately 37mph causing a 250 rpm change; again at approximately 30mph. At about 24mph, as the car slows due to the braking action, the transmission seems to upshift, releasing the sensation of "engine braking" and feels like the car is "coasting". There have been times when going between 25-30mph that the transmission seems to "hunt" for a gear to be in creating a "brake-coast-brake-coast" sensation.
The issue has been reported to the dealer and they were "not able to duplicate". At my request the transmission was "reset" and the issue remains.
I have read that another Toyota model, as well as some other makes have had similar issues.The Toyota issue was evidently caused by a control module adjustment.
I read that an engine or transmission control module could be an issue.
The car is always driven in the "normal" transmission mode and upshifts very smoothly.
I have access to three other cars and have not experienced this issue. I had a job that required me to drive 70-80K miles a year in numerous cars and I never experienced this.
The sensations are felt more when the car is warmed up after 1.5 miles. I am the only driver.
I recently replaced a tire and had a realignment. Now my car hesitates. It is also shaking while driving. I slid on ice and ran up on the cement median which caused a hole in my front drivers side tire. Any ideas what is causing the hesitation?
Car bucks and has very little power & a constant vibration of the engine. Have had it back to Toyota four times, & this last time they want to keep it for a week and rebuild the engine. Lemon?
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