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Vcs brake check engine light goes on and off. When I cut the lights on with the windshield wipers the hood open light comes on. Now when I turn the lights on the car cuts off. The car has cut completely off at stop lights. And sometimes when the brake light is the car makes and loud noise and brakes hard when I use breaks. Someone please help me. It’s seems as if the problems started when I began using the air conditioning this summer
When the car is parked and the steering wheel in no straight a grunting noise occurs when starting the car. Could this be serious?
My 2004 Avalon did a great with bumps in the hwy.
The car has all the security systems you could think of....first thought maybe it was because I was too close to the curb making the turn, tried slowing down did not help. Went to car dealership and of course it did not beep....
Suspect it is a sound frequency harmonic. Anyone figure out a way to dampen the vibration in the door controls (power window, power lock, etc.)?
I drove (slowly) into high water and took water on into the intake and cylinders but it was only for 15 seconds AND i ONLY idled while in the water. I pulled the plugs and , OF COURSE, i had to remove the intake manifold to remove the plugs on the rear side of the moter. I charged the battery and i still Get NO POWER ANYWHERE in the vehicle. I mustve blown a main fuse
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