2008 Toyota Avalon Questions

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How do I close my moonroof

My cars transmission is broken and we need to fully replace it I'm not really sure how much it costs?

it but it is still not working ?

Possible that it has to be hooked up to diagnostic (cost $50 even if no solution) Would like to repair myself if possible.

My automatic key unlocks every door but the driver side. I have to unlock it manually. Then when i start my car and put it into gear the alarm sounds. I have to only open the drivier side door make sure no other doors unlock so then i can drive without the alarm sounding whats the problem do i need a new battery for the key?

What sensor? am I needing and what's it take to replace it?

Took it out the other day to find it now has a crack which is getting larger below the glove box.
Took it too Palm Beach Toyota and was told nothing they could do except take a picture and send to Toyota to see if they will cover the expense
I see on line there a quite a few complaints for same issue.
Has anyone found a resolution or suggestion on how to handle.
Thank you

(other than oil change)

no symbal like that in my manual. Please advise what it refers to, and how to fix it.

Changed the oil and filter and reset Maint button. Now the starter won't engage

I just noticed a fine line crack appearing, starting over the glove compartment and extending over the hump heading for the instrument cluster. I've noticed several older models but not an '08. She has been garaged since we bought it brand new.
TOYOTA can contact me at:

This car was purchase new and well cared for inside and out. It is also garaged. It sounds like Toyota has had this problem before. Has anyone had any positive results from Toyota?

Nothing seems to be wrong with the car. It has approx 50,000 miles but the maintenance check light will not go out. What do I need to do?

This is for a Toyota Avalon 2008 Touring

I always maintain my vehicle and I am wondering what they have to do for it to cost me $500.00 and will it cost more if I need something done? The car runs great