2007 Toyota Avalon Questions

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There is excessive bouncing when you go over bumps?
Cam sensor A & B bank 2 codes with multiple misfires codes but never the same cylinder
Removeed seats, side panels, speaker tray, and 2 speaker mounting bolts????
I have a rapid leak of power steering fluid
No codes came up at shop, runs great after starting
how can i get the display to come back, heater status still works
Toyota dealer quoted me a price of $1374.00. That seem high. They also said it will take 3.5 hours.
Why not add a can of GumOut?
car runs fine when ac is off, miles 111'242
Just bought the car, the dash panel door and hat opens downwards exposing the GPS controls acts like its latch is stuck so the door only opens 1/4 way.
I had a dead battery this mornng and after jumping it off and getting the car started the accelerator doesn t work above an idle.any idea what it could be
How long can I drive without replacing? Can it be fixed and not replaced? Didn't know it was leaking - no symptoms. Seems this shouldn't happen with 51K on it, but they told me it was an "old" car, regardless of miles.
I bought new tires in July 2014, have always did the requirement maintenance and tire rotations on the car, this was the 3rd time new tires have been put on the car. I have to take the car back in Aug 2014 because the car was vibrating just a little, they adjusted the balance. Today Sept 2014, I took the car back to Firestone, the Guy tells me that the motor mounts are gone and I need new axles. Shouldn't they have known this in July or even August. How many amounts are on the Avalon, I saw the top one and the rubber looks like it's discounted. Any advise would be greatly appreciate and how much should a job like this cost, Firestone says $1897.87
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