2005 Toyota Avalon Questions

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Center brake light is not working. How much does it cost to replace the bulb
what does it mean? car is off yet a rea car icon is flashing on the dash
I'm wondering if a light was left on or something. I drove it on Saturday and it was fine. This morning leaving for work, nothing.
I need to replace a rack and pinion on my 2005 Avalon and would like a quote on sale and labor cost. Thank you. Georgia Rolfe
Have not used the car for 4 months. Should I expect some problem.
Stereo cover will not open. I do not want to try and force it open, but I need a clue on how to open it in different ways.
Had it checked out and that wasn't it. Also had transmission checked. I was told that's not it. You can hear noise around 45mph or greater. I'm baffled .
the bulbs seem to be good no error lights nothing happens when you push the four way flashers on and nothing happens when you put the left or right signal switch on
what could have broken
is there any pther solution for a leaking power steering other than replacing the arm etc? there is a little leak
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