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No signs at all. and i just changed the oil with 5 litres of toyota oil and oil filter barely 48 hrs ago. No leakage of oil under the engine.
I noticed the oil was almost dry as the time the engine stopped on highway..
i thought the oil did not guage well and I added more 4 litres of toyota oil to it. Still it did not guage.
in total, i have added 9 litres of oil.
the engine did not start.
Please what could be the problem?
my engine light is on and already took the diagnois test
I checked fuses and all are OK . what do I look for and how do I brepair
My 2004 Toyota Avalon XL when cold after starting will idle low, about 400 RPM, compared to when warm it will idle about 750 RPM, and when working correctly should idle cold with the choke at about 1250 RPM until warmed up. I have sprayed the Mass Air Flow Sensor with Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner and have used the same spray to spray the two throttle body ports with the valves closed. I removed the plastic air flow shroud from the air filter and air tube connecting to the metal throttle body. I did not open up the throttle body valves. The were closed at the time of spraying. I also sprayed down the open port of the one throttle which I believe is the low idle opening. There was no dirt that I saw even before spraying. But the car still idles low on cold start up and I have to give it gas the get it to a decent RPM. If I put it in gear, the engine does not die but will either increase RPM to normal idle RPM at about 750 RPM or just stay running until I give it gas to drive. Is there a throttle body section I missing in the cleaning that is still dirty, are the fuel injector ports clogged, are the spark plugs fowling (though it feels like all spark plugs are firing normally), or .....
2004 Toyota Avalon XL
I have changed the wind shield wiper switch/relay assembly lever that is attached to the steering wheel and the same problem exists exactly as the original switch/relay assembly lever I had on the car. The intermittent/INT time wiper delay portion of the wiper timing does not work but the slow (or medium speed) continuous and fast speed continuous (no timed paused) do work normally. I am not sure if there is a timing relay switch under the dash on the driver side as it shows poorly in some schematics I have seen on-line of this. Is this relay only for the XLS? I know the XLS has a timing relay under the driver side dash, but I not sure for the XL model. And I can not see a relay somewhere near the center console or to the left of it. Hard to get around in there. Or is it just the motor has a INT timing relay built into the XL model somehow.
The cover is partialy detached and won't snap back in. There seems to be a clip missing at the top, I want to take it all the way off and reinstall.
The car has never over-heated or had any diagnostic lights come on. Would a car go from no problems with the water pump to total replacement in 2000 miles without some sign of a problem? The dealer did an oil change and inspection 2000 miles ago with no mention of a water pump problem.
Went to Autozone today to diagnose the dash lights that came on again (Check Engine, Trac Off, VSC Light). Printout Code P0446 stated - Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Control Circuit Fault. Probable Cause: (1) Open or Short Circuit condition; (2) Poor Electrical Connection or (3) Faulty CCV Vent Control Solenoid.

This happened a couple of weeks ago after I filled up the tank with gas. Took it to Autozone back then, they said "Evap Code", tightened the gas cap, reset the codes, lights off -- no problem. Okay for a couple of weeks. Went to fill up tank yesterday, no problem. No warning dash lights. Started up car this morning after sitting all night -- no warning lights on dash. Went to do errands today and upon making a rather sharp turn (oops), heard a little buzzing noise, then same 3 dash lights lit up. Took it back to Autozone to diagnose lights (see paragraph 1).

Guy said it could be the faulty CCV vent control solenoid (which he did not stock). Said part should cost about $40 and labor to put it in (about an hour), so shouldn't cost me more than $150 to repair this. Does this sound reasonable? Absolutely will NOT take this to local Toyota dealership -- always, always, always outrageous for repairs! Autozone guy said I can drive car safely. My annual inspection does not come up until the end of January 2015. Should I bite the bullet and take this to my local mechanic now and hope it's only approx. $150? Any thoughts?
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