2003 Toyota Avalon Questions

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Is that a transmission problem almost absolute, or could it
possiblely be something other than the transmission?
Thank you for your time... appreciate !!
2003 avalon changed pump and coolant temp sen now wont start and dont hear pump prime and no start but would start after a half hour of cranking and charging batt and i get it running it will run fine all day its been 10 degrees heer all week long and every day thats its been this cold i have to keep jumping it for about half a hour till it finally starts then its fine all day long untill tommorrow morning then back to the halh a hour jumping it again and i noiticed i dont hear the pump prime either only time i hear is when cranking it only
Power more noticeable going up hill. It's been idling rough before noticeable power loss. Also dimming lights when using window switches.
I can reset the check engine light by disconnecting the battery. I have a new gas cap which did not fix the problem.
Driving, what could the problem possibly be?
Turned off they just stop where ever they are
what could it be
Headlights on,buzz.Headlights off no buzzing sound.Thank-you for your help!DIY
My cig lighter stopped working. I noticed it when I tried to charge my cell phone.
Mechanic said the engine was locked and it takes 2600 to replace the new engine. What will the price for replacing it?
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