2002 Toyota Avalon Questions

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Replaced battery day before issue started. Car calls for 600cca I replaced with higher end 750cca
Checked alignment, ok. Dealer checked suspension and tightness of steering brake mechanism and all tight and ok. Daughter says vehicle will drift a little to left and right when she drives it. I don’t feel it when I drive it. It only veered. It has not veered right on me, only her.
Noisy when starting up, does not transition wewll at 70 MPH
I need a coil wiring diagram to replace the #6 coil
My 2002 Avalon won't start. I thought it was the switch, but when I took the old switch off I found the real problem. The rod that hooks into the switch broke. can I replace just the Ignition Switch Lock Barrel Tumbler rod?
Ac turns on when it’s cold inside the car. But won’t turn on when it’s hot inside the car.
I can not get bracket off on the backside of the intake at the top.
How do I reattach it
car was running sluggish. The mechanic washed my engine. I took it to another shop because it was still mis firing. The ignition coil was replaced, fuel filter, and 3 injectors were replaced. The car still surges, hesitates while driving. Mechanics have looked said their isn't anything with the car,but it still acts up. What can it be engine light comes back on. Computer shows it misfires. I can't understand why the car still doesn't perform. Please I need help?
Id like to know whats wrong
have incorrect flo. whats wrong with my car?
i have propane and a lighter will that fix it after all?
Me that code.I did some research and if. It was that shouldn't I have some lack of power or back fire I have nothing the car is running great.I just hate to pay alot of money if that isn't it.what do I do?
Replaced wiper motor and now wipers don't park all the way down. They also go down and hit the cowl before traveling up and don't travel all the way to the edge of the windshield. How do I adjust them correctly?
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