1999 Toyota Avalon Questions

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No heater engine temputure normal,
Heater hoses feel normal air conditioner work fine. Heater blows cool air
There is a tail light out that causes the yellow dash light to stay on. To access the bulb, I need to remove the lens cover. I can remove the 2 bolts but I cannot seem to pop the lens off. Is there a trick to the removal. I do not want to break anything.
Lost keys so changed the ignition it came with new keys silver ones got it put in and the key turns over but it won't crank it's a 99 Toyota Avalon xls
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Don't know
How long have you had this problem? Sence I changed the ignition
the console where mom puts her keys gets very hot after a 100 mile drive but not around town driving.Under it is the cat. converter could the operation of it be in question?It has a factory heat shield with 1 1/2" space between the shield and the floor.Putting fireproof insulation between shield and floor is a bad idea?

thanks much,brad
The engine did not overheat. It just stopped and wont crank. May be sludge build up, but it dI'd not overheat. How can I tell if engine is fried?
Can it be unfrozen? Tried to crank it manually, wont turn. Just spent $3000 on it. Told garage to change out oil pump, but they said it didn't need it
PO125 and PO155 continue to trigger. Thermostat replaced and did not trigger error codes for 24 hours after replacing and putting new antifreeze (red) in the car. Happens only at speeds above 45 mph. Below will not trigger error codes
New thermostat, new o2 sensors, new temp sensor. Around town does not trigger codes only at interstate speeds. The thermostat was last thing replaced and it did fine on the interstate for one day. The next day back to the same two codes. Engine is the six cylinder
I was driving and it completely started smoking up. The lights in my dashboard dimmed out and the car completely shut off . It didn't change gears to go into neutral and a jump didn't help not one bit . My uncle is trying to find the fuel pump relay and cannot find it . Someone help ? Or do u guys think there's a different problem ?
Fix radiator dr 2 mi then it wont engage 1 2 4 or revers. Wait 20min an dives then 1 mile starts jerking an stops engaging in any gears wait then same thing happens.
My car hasn't had a service in quite awhile and is running very poorly.Aside from replacing a couple of sensors and the EGR valve,absolutely (besides oil changes)nothing has been done.Due to my negligence,I'm considering selling as is and buying another car.I feel like a traitor because this car has been nothing but good to me.I know this isn't very specific.Its just running BAD!!
left side blinker flashing to fast
left side blinker not working
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