1998 Toyota Avalon Questions

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Key want turn can't take out of park
The car starts fine. Seems to run fine. Is sitting in a parking lot, stuck in park. Will not come out of park, brake lights appear to all be working even though the dash idiot light is saying there might be a problem.
only when cold will go on gear sometimes the check engine light gois on for tps or speed sensor i replace both
traction light on, brakes and rotor ok. What next?
The only problem I'm having is when coming out of a dead stop. I have to manually shift down to 1st gear to be able to move forward normally. Otherwise, the car accelerates very slowly until it pops into the next gear.
Their is a turn signal sound coming from behind the ignition and lights blinking in the front
no codes showing the longer I drive the tighter they grab
The SRS light came on and I took the car to the mechanic and he did a computer diagnostic and told me that I have to buy the FRONT RIGHT SQUIB. But I have been looking for it in the web and could not find anything like it. I know it's the seat belt, but is that it?
Do I take cover off that u push to blow horn? It will blow sometimes when u turn wheel. Got upper n lower cover off behind wheel. Sounds like ground wire or something is there one under cover?
our well used 278k miles avalon has gurgling noise from what sounds like the top side of the engine. This is our son's college car, the noise is becoming more pronounced the last 6 months. for years it had a smooth, very quite purr with a very faint tapping lifter noise. the timing belt is near the end of itts life mileage wise and the the water pump has never needed replacement (yet). The valve cover gaskets were replaced about 2 years ago, cam lobes looked good at the time wih no sludge anywhere. any suggestions? We are trying to keep it running as long as possible.
My 1998 Avalon has 122,000 miles on it. While there is slight movement in the engine (less than 1") when shifting gears, the ride is still smooth and I do nt hear any clunking. My Toyota dealer says that I need to replace all 5 mounts (inl. the trans. mount), even though only 2 are shot, at a cost of $1,300. Is that necessary at this stage? Can I wait?
All plugs n wires changed. No engine light on. Idles up n down n lights get bright ndim as idle ffluctuates. Coil? Does check engine light come on for coil
Is this something I can do myself?
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