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I think I blew the main fuse
All lights start to flicker and once iive driven it for a while if I turn it off it won't turn back on
My key fob doesn't work to lock or unlock car and button in glove box doesn't work for the trunk?
1998 Toyota Avalon XLS. A little car has had small issues starting from time to time. I would try to start it, would never turn over. Then try to start it again immediately and starts fine. A few times it felt like a "rough" start. A couple weeks ago I'm driving and the car shuts off completely. I disconnected the negative terminal and reconnected, it started right up no problem. Now this morn I went to start. It seemed as if it was dead but with each crank it started to turn. It finally started and sounded horrible. Inturned the engine off, but the car sounded like it was stuck trying to turn over, I immediately disconnected the battery cables. Now when I try to reconnect the car tries to start....I'm lost for words up in arms please help anyone!!!!
My fuse for my radio cigg lighter and clock blew in my 98 Toyota Avalon .I replaced it .and checked every fuse and none if these 3 things are working .it happened when my car was running and my sound system was in .but it happened when I plugged in a phone charger in the cigg lighter
Key want turn can't take out of park
The car starts fine. Seems to run fine. Is sitting in a parking lot, stuck in park. Will not come out of park, brake lights appear to all be working even though the dash idiot light is saying there might be a problem.
only when cold will go on gear sometimes the check engine light gois on for tps or speed sensor i replace both
traction light on, brakes and rotor ok. What next?
The only problem I'm having is when coming out of a dead stop. I have to manually shift down to 1st gear to be able to move forward normally. Otherwise, the car accelerates very slowly until it pops into the next gear.
Their is a turn signal sound coming from behind the ignition and lights blinking in the front
no codes showing the longer I drive the tighter they grab
The SRS light came on and I took the car to the mechanic and he did a computer diagnostic and told me that I have to buy the FRONT RIGHT SQUIB. But I have been looking for it in the web and could not find anything like it. I know it's the seat belt, but is that it?
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