1997 Toyota Avalon Questions

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My battery is new how come when I touch the brakes even park it sucks all of my energy then dims the lights and causes the car to stall and die I have checked my fuses and my grounds. I have charge the battery when I pull out a voltage meter my battery is full it's getting power to the alternator and starter
I replaced battery today and starter still no crank or start.when I turn the key over lights and radio and windows and all work but still no crank or no start.what could be the problem now
I have a 97 Toyota Avalon that no longer goes in reverse. It just sticks and make something like a whining noise, if that’s the correct terminology for it.
Brand new battery in car and starter will eventually work but the positive terminal on battery gets hot even when car is off I have to un plug it so it won't drain and after multiple starts and drives lasting not more than 10 mins it won't want to turn over anymore sounds real weak. Whats wrong with it?
My battery died and I'm trying to push it out of the spot its in to get a jump start but my gear shift is locked and I can't out it in neutral how can I unlock the gear shift with no battery?
97 Toyota Avalon sways left and rich when driving. The car fishtails and spins out.bSeems trailing arm bushing needs to be replaced?

I bought new trailing arm but how to uninstall old one and install new trailing arm?
had compressor clutch replaced still not blowing cold air. fro past few months a/c dash light would blink but I would push the button--turn it off and then push again to turn it back on and it would work fine. but just this past week that trick doesn't work anymore. tried a new MC a/c relay fuse and that didn't work. mechanic says he replaced the compressor unit because clutch bolt was stripped and not engaging. still didn't solve my issue. what next/ something electrical still?
it worked one minute and the next minute it didnt
It was stolen I got it back and tried to start it it will crank over but no start. I saw a few fuses missing from the engine
Since I got it back from tow yard can't start it at all. It didn't start at the tow yard either
No miss fire or coil codes.Eng compression 210 lbs each. Ing coil reading on connector terminal is .9ohms. No reading at sparkplug connector side. Plugs look fairly new but lean grey.
Sound a lil like turbo but I dont have 1
I have not had any problems with my Toyota car until this major problem came up?
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