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When I start the car it runs at 1500 rpm. if I kick the gas pedal and release it immediately it lowers down to 1000rpm. Now when I put it into drive the engine revs up to 2500rpm once again and stays there until I put it into neutral and then kick the gas pedal once again, but now it runs at 1500 rpm. If I put it to drive once again then it tries to race to 5500 rpm so then I put it back to neutral.

Can you help resolve this issue?

I have tried to program the remote and have not been successful. I have tried several ways even looking at youtube and going to the box in my trunk ,taking my glove box out and locating the ECU and there is no button to push as the directions i got with the FOB (My ECU does not look like the picture on instructions #1 but the security light #2 does . I believe it is a Dealer put in security system . As i bought out a coworkers lease at 45K 1998 and he bought it new I work part time at a large auto auction in SC and they have a locksmith on site to make keys and key fobs for repo cars ect. and he went into my OBD and his machine only goes back to 2005 . Took it to local Toyota dealer cost was $98 if they could do it no luck did not charge me any help I have 1 FOB still working Thanks Norm
No noises, just won't come out of second . have to keep foot pedal pressure consistent or loose torque completely
My 1996 Toyota Avalon want start. It's not a battery or starter problem. What could it be
I charged my battery and installed it into the car but no lights or anything is coming on no engine turning it's completely dead but was running good when I parked it what cud be the problem?
My alternator is bad
130,000+ mileage. The car can be driven
but has a sound as though the fan belt is slipping and a high pitched squeal when the steering wheel is turned to the right or left, even when not driving, but parked.There are no fluids leaking.
They are two , one on top and the other on bottom
When you first start car up it makes a raddle near fan area but dont run hot fan works then it stops what could problems be
I have a 1996 Toyota Avalon XLS and it has a V6 in it. It has 240,456 miles on it. I am the third owner. The tranny fluid/screen has never been replaced. It is now a real dark red/brown. It does shift just a little late. If there any expect Toyota tranny experts out there. Or others with a view I would like to here from you to. What would you do if this was your car. In closing. I do have enough money aside to get a newer car.
The driver seat is stuck in awkward position and electrics have How can I manually reset?
Mileage seens to change about 30 to 50 miles per gallan at different Gas stations. Am i buying more ethinal at different stations. gas comes down one pipe line. it has to be the additives?
Replaced plugs, wires and number 5 coil. Still have same problem. Could the injector be bad?
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