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I need to know all the parts thats needed to do a complete tune-up for a
1995 Toyota Avalon. A complete list of all parts
At highway speeds, (60 mph and up), when banking left, there is a rumble/vibration coming from the passenger side. Passenger side front wheel bearing, lower control arms, ball joints, sway links, inner and outer tie rods replaced. Alignment also performed. Symptom still persists.
A few weeks ago I had my radiator for my 95 toyota Avalon changed (installed a NEW one) due to a crack in older one, my car overheated I would say once, that's how I knew to check radiator.
Well next problem is that my car started to lose power ,.. I was driving home and could barely make it up a slight hill..
A friend checked my oil and put a little more in ..
After that , car began to increase power ..slightly..
Then it lost power again.. I was told to drain out oil and put new oil ...I'm not positive if my exhaust starting smoking white smoke (before or after) the oil drain... Now that we put new oil in , I ended up test driving it the next day...their was plenty(( white chemically smelling smoke coming from my exhaust..And Still not much power .. I turned around and came home ..
Some say it is my Cadillac converter clogged.. I did check my oil to see if it was milky, or water inside. Thinking its my heads, .my oil seems fine, my car is not overheating either. Helpp plz
When I put my key in the ignition of my 95 Toyota Avalon XL sometimes it will start and sometimes it won't the lights are on on the panel what is this cost from
Its a new bulb,won't work.signal flashes on inside of car but doesn't work on outside for cars behind me to know I'm turning....what fuses should I look T,,,please help asap,,,can't afford another ticket...
I replaced the bulb,the turn signal light on right back,still isn't working ing on the outside.what and where are they,the fuses to see if it needs rep!aced???what else can it be??
The noise is all the time, even when the car is just sitting there. Which is killing my battery. I think it's the door ajar beeping but the picture of the door isn't on. But the light in the back ceiling is on, so just turn it off. So it might be that? I don't know. But just need help to stop it! Can't take it to the shop now but need my car.
Whenever I hit a bump or pothole, more noticeably at higher speeds, but happens even at lower speeds.
Ebertime and paasenger side door unlocks itself
Water pump need replacing.
I want to change the water pump
So I recently bought a 1995 Toyota Avalon with over 280,000 miles on it. So after getting gas today, my check engine light came on steady. And in addition the O/D OFF light was blinking for the first 40 or 50 miles I drove it after the check engine light came on. So once I made it to my friends house he hooked it up to his scanner and pulled the P1071 code. He cleared it for me, and all seemed well for a good 60 miles or so. Then all of a sudden on my way home the stupid check engine light came on steady again, accompanied by the o/d off light flashing again. The most recent work that was done on the car was $1,000 worth of brake pads, rotors and calipers front and back. Prior to that, I had to fix the missing O-ring under the radiator hose where it connects to the housing unit, because the check engine light came on the first time on me 20 minutes after I purchased the car. And it didn't start 45 minutes after I purchased it. And it over heated on me 4 times on my way home. I bought the car 15 miles from my house! So I'm about a month into this venture and have NO IDEA what this code means exactly or how I need to go about fixing it. BUT I NEED my car!! Hence the reason I bought a car!! LOL So Any idea's would be SUPER helpful and appreciated!!
Started today when parked overnight temp. droped to 9 deg. w/20 mph wind gusts.
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