2007 Toyota 4Runner Questions

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The transmission light and track light on on
It seems that the orange light is out on half of the radio on the dash. I cant see the stations at night.
When braking the front end wobbles a bit. Is this a concern?
I noticed a leak on the garage floor of water with oil near the rear wheel on the drivers side. Should I be concerned.
Toyota says the whole system needs replacement; can we replace the actuator and pump and use normal shocks?
Forgot to turn off fog lights for a few hours after stopping. Battery dead. Had it checked said it was Ok. This is the 3rd time battery went dead after a few hours leaving a light on. Any help is appreciated.
belt, has no visual leaks under car
It doesn't do it all the time. It started last week.
At 28 and 38 mph my cars shimmies.
I recently got the codes for the lights and here is what they read. P0031, P0441, P0455, and C1201. Is it just the oxygen sensor that needs to be replaced or is there more to it? Also it says bank 1 sensor 1, if I'm looking at the front of my vehicle which side would that be on? Thanks for any advice!
My back hatch will not open. It worked fine then all of the sudden it stopped. I have disconnected the battery thinking that would reset it. Did not work. I have tried made sure the back window was completely rolled up. Did not work. I have put the key in the back hatch to make sure it was not in Valet mode. I can hear it trying to open but it wont...Is there a safety lock or something on those?
Common when moving from a traffic light stop position
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