2006 Toyota 4Runner Questions

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2006 toyota 4-runner 6 cyl. caliper replacement, rear pass,side ,old fluid connector did not have any washers on the old caliper but the new one has 2 copper washers its a banjo type connector
A/c cycles hot then cold
The noise started out as a clicking sound and now it is more like a roaring/vibrating sound.
Goes after restarting vehicle, but comes back on after reaching speed of 40mph
When slowly accelerating from 3rd to 4th gears the vehicle shudders. This only occurs at slow speeds and does not happen when I press the accelerater quick.
2006 toyota 4runner limited v6 4.0, 101400 miles . I am looking for cost and advice on best way to repair . (New timing cover , oil pan gasket , timing chain , water pump , bearing on crank ) I am look to keep this for a long time . Thank you
2006 toyota 4runner limited v6 4.0, 1014000 miles
How did the VSC get turned off? I had to jump it. It was totally dead. ANd the axel with X over it is lit. When I push the button it just flashes. When I try to drive it feels like something is dragging or locking up. steering ??? HELP
To get paint ready to reseal?
Check engine & vsc Trac warning lites came on again after disappearing for 500 miles, check engine lite is now blinking..
new battery and it won't start at times.
while driving the lights are blinking and the alarm keeps going off. It did this before and I think I had to put a transmission in. I am not sure.
I am going to replace my fuel pump and filter and wanted to know if there is a panel inside the car, under the seats, that would make this process easier than dropping the fuel tank.
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