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upon exceleration when driving, I smell what seems like rotten eggs. I have tried to explain this problem to several dealerships but can not get a logical answer. was advised to keep all windows closed when driving.
My car was damaged on right side but it still runs good. The tire pressure &check engine light stays on. Could either of these lights warn about headlights & tires damaged or just tire pressure? I dont have much money so what r my options?
where are rear switcthes 05 4 runner v6
nothing rear window works
The correct tire pressure for my truck tires are 32. I over inflate each tire by .5 to 1 pound. Am i doing more harm then good. At times it does seem to ride better. By increasing it to .5 to 1 pound. Will it cause faster wear and etc on the tires.
Which side of the engine is cylinder 4 on? I know they are odd and even but I don't know which side is even, from the front of the car. 2005 4Runner.
I consider myself a back yard/shade tree mechanic. My question is this. I have heard some say yes and some say no. I have a 05 4runner, V6 engine. Next couples of weeks or so and it might be sooner. I am going to do a radiator flush. Should I use Toyota Anti Freeze or use a say top name brand.
My tpms. Just recently started blinking off and on. After three to four hours. Last night. On 9-24-17 I checked the pressure in the tires in all of them. The tires were a little low. So I put the correct pressure in all of them, This morning I decided to check them again. I had to put air back in them. It is still flashing. Thank you for your help.
My car initially got stuck in a pool of water and after it was removed the engine and gear were serviced and the brain box changed before it started working. Afterwards, the vehicle started stopping and won't move after driving about 20 kilometres. On switching off the engine and restarting after like 10 minutes it will pick again. It eventually stopped moving at a time even when I put it in drive or reverse. The gear was eventually changed, but the vehicle will still not move even when put in drive or reverse. The gear has continued not to engage.
Air blows fine out of both side vents (near windows) but center vents come and go. I can hear a "flap" change positions when it stops blowing. Was told it was a servo motor but when Toyota dealership had to replace the dash due to recall and I asked them to check and they stated they couldn't find anything.

I can get the air to change from top to bottom to defrost but the center doesn't always blow when it should.

I have already replaced the knob panel.

Any help would be appreciated.
I have a 05 4runner SR5. When I started to use the A/C. Over the lasted several days or so it started to make a whistling sound. Only does it when I have it on high.
Brakes failed with loud sound and brake light on dashboard on.
Failed ABS with buzzing alarm
put it in park and shifted to 4 wheel high heard a clunk also when i took it out also a clunk
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