2004 Toyota 4Runner Questions

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Trac light wont go off tried gas cap procedure. Nothing work
What is the average cost to repair a leaking transfer case actuator seal on 2004 Toyota 4runner sport ?
Just put the car in reverse gear and it won't select any other gear but the gear lever is moving freely
I have checked the fuses for these parts. Still good. 2004 Toyota 4 runner
Usually headlughts will turn on after the car is warmed up (10-15 minutes). Sometimes they won’t come on at all
just put it in, have not driven car yet
feel popping in steering wheel when turning back and forth and on rough roads.already checked the bolt under dash it was tight new struts and mounts
Vsc trac lights on 4wd not working sulfur smell
2004 Toyota 4 Runner. Check engine light & VSC off & Trak lights on. Diagnostic was run & shows bank 2 sensor (pretty sure that's what they said, bottom line.. they definitely said it's an o2 sensor) My vehicle is running perfectly fine, no hesitation, no sign of any problem. I was also told that replacing only the one sensor can sometimes cause hesitation & that at least 2 of the sensors should be changed.
Why change any if it's running perfectly fine.
Won't go back up,without starting vehicle
I can not open my passenger door from the inside nor the outside. How can I get it open to get inside the door panel?
the back interior light isn't working
Why is my toyota 4runner maint light indicating while I haven't driven up to 2000miles aft my last servicing/engine oil change
Why is my Maintain light showing while I have not driven up to 2000miles after my last oil change(servicing)
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