2003 Toyota 4Runner Questions

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when vehicle is running and you put it in gear the lights come on> My mechanic put out the check engine light> gas cap and pos battery terminal trick did not work> what else can we do ??

Sometimes when I attempt to start my car it will turn abs continue to turn then stall. I attempted a few things and finally opened up the air filter area and was able to start the car. I changed the filter Even though it still looked good. Same problem. I too out to the dealer and asked, they said battery was low and I had it changed. Same problem. Any suggestions for what I try next?

Lights went off for a few minutes & are back on & vehicle is running rough now

i researched this online and took the advice of a post from your website that said to remove the red portion of the battery for 30 seconds. i did and the lights were off for about a week but then came back on after going over a speed bump. do you suggest i take it into the shop now or try to remove red portion of battery again?

First I had my 4 wheel drive lights flashing so I had the actuator replaced so 4 wheel drive lights no longer appear and it functions fine. Now randomly I have the VSC off/on, ABS, Brake warning lights come on as well. I have a steep driveway and I am noticing when I give my 4runner power to make hill, my gas pedal maxes out and my tires are spinning as if my 4 wheel drive is not working and I have to back down and retry.....getting no where. I feel as if my 4 wheel drive is not functioning when this happens. Why would my 4 Runner be bogging down and loosing power, and why do these other lights randomly come on. Any ideas. I never have trouble with engine light coming on. Engine never bogs down and looses power on otherwise plowed or good roads.

the emergency brake is not engaged.

brakes work very little, hard to push

Started with the radio going out

Where is the knock sensor location?? On the engine??

Thank you very much!!!

Transmission slipping

It just started last night.

First, I thought it was the Starter since I did not hear the car Turn Over. But, when it started several hours later...I drove it about three miles or so...then, the car Just Died all of a sudden when I was [driving] on the road. I left the Hood open for about an hour so that people behind me would know that my car was not working. Then, when AAA came...I tried and the car started. Still, AAA towing brought it to my house. I changed the Alternator and placed a new Serpentine Belt. The car started (several hours took few/several hours to change alternator because Pry Bar and Belt Tensioner Tool was needed. I left it running for about 20 minutes or make sure the Serpentine Belt was not slipping/moving. I came back, and the car wasn't running any more. I looked inside and saw the dash lights were still on. I tried to start the wouldn't turn over. So, it appears it was NOT the alternator when the vehicle just died yesterday. I think (I am guessing) the 'computer' thinks' the car is running 'hot' and turning off for 'safety reasons'. I am thinking that it could?? the Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor? or, is it something else? I do not remember seeing a Check Engine light being on recently. Please help....919-758-3236.