2002 Toyota 4Runner Questions

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My forerunner was turned off and I went outside the next morning. I heard a clicking sound and burnt smell. I had the starter and solenoid replaced and a new battery.

ABS control module

Start whistle sound oct 2016. Got louder late dec. Was told my transmission is going out. The gears don't slip,or jerk. Do i need to replace it or is there another cheaper method that can fix it. It has 211,000 miles. I bought it at 196,000 miles

blowing really hard and my steering wheel alignment changes position daily

it is every morning and it use to stop but now it keeps making thr squell sound and them it sounds like its getting vaccum them after car heats up it quits.won't here it again till u let car sit for long time.

If I turn it off and back on then it will start! Seems to happen around 80% of the time.

In my other question I asked about starter problems. Another question would be, is there another starter relay elsewhere on this car? The one in the fuse box tested good.

The starter is new. The relay tests good. All posts and terminals are clean. Turn the key and nothing. Does not turn over and solenoid does not click. The dash lights and headlights do not dim when the key is turned. There is no corrosion on the positive cable at the terminal and there is no corrosion on the other thick black wire going into the fuse box. No blown fuses.

After replacing a bulb in my instrument panel, the VSC OFF and VSC TRACK lights now turn on when I am in Drive. (Because Autozone didn't have a replacement bulb, I switched the bulb indicating park with the bulb indicating drive.) Any idea how I can correct the problem?

I can put it in reverse but it won't go backward. I can put it in drive and it won't go forward. It makes an odd noise when I put it back in the Park position.

New gas cap didn't solve the engine lite problem. Believe the problem is in the gas tank area, which is hard to inspect the tank and hoses, so i will to smoke test it.
Some vehicles have a test cap to smoke test the tank area, but I have been unable to find for our Tacoma. Can you suggest how the test this area?