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And always passes smog had the hose put on and truck started losing gas mileage, had less power, gas smell, then 10 months later check engine light code p0420. Took hose off about a month ago and even though the air filter needs to be changed its already getting better mileage and the check engine light is off now. Did the hose being off cause the cat to go bad? (even tho it ran great and passed smog 3 times) and what did putting the hose back on (for the last ten months) do? or just coincidence and the check engine light would v'e come on eventually? and the fact that it isn't on now? I need to have it smogged and not sure what to do. This is a 2000 4runner sr5 4x4 v6 with 120k miles (105k when i bought it) iv'e owned for 4 yrs with no problems except had the starter replaced 1 yr ago. it doesn't leak / lose coolant or oil and the oil is very clean!!!
My 4 runner runs good. Engine light came on. Needed shift solenoid replaced. I replaced all 3, plus new transmission fluid and filter. 2nd start Engine light came back on, took it to a automotive electrition. Said transmission was fine. Needed to replace torque converter. Replaced it, 2nd start Engine light came back on. Needed to replace thermostat. 2nd start Engine light came on saying I needed to replace shift solenoid plus several other codes. Don't understand what's happening and not getting answers from anyone. Frustrating, exhausting and expensive. Don't know what to do.
My 4Runner started overheating and I ended up having to replace the water pump. After that it ran fine for a week then started overheating again. Since then I have replaced the thermostat, taken thermaostst out and put back in several times, drained and refilled the radiator numerous times as well. I have taken the plugs out and they are all dry. Front heat is blowing cold but back heat works perfectly. The coolant s spilling into my overflow tank while I'm driving and m losing all my coolant. Thus my engine then overheats. What could be going on?...
Replaced air box,(potential stripped screw on the MAS) replaced MAS, ( Cleaned original and installed an aftermarket) Replaced TPS, replaced IAC, Replaced ECT, Replaced brake booster ( as per Dealer diagnosis) , checked vacuum lines for breaks. New plugs. No codes. Been to 4 shops, all the incorrect diagnosis. The problem is exactly the same and has not presented itself differently after each repair.
Runs fine on start up. As it approaches normal operating temperature, it will seem to lose power. If you come to a stop and accelerate it bogs down, back fires through the air box. Does the same thing if restarted after 30 minutes. Most noticeable at a complete stop, then acceleration. When the issue occurs , if you pull over and restart the vehicle it will return to normal operation
it only gets a little cold, but not super cold like before? I already recharged it.
once my 5 speed 2000 toyota warm up after I drive about 2-3 miles my truck will not shift into 1 gear nor reverse. What can cause this problem?
Check engine light: have three opinions. 1) Need new convertor 2) do nothing 3) sensors need repair.
I ready check the engine control is good I supouse that the computer does not received energy 12 volt
When warmed up, a hard jarring or hard bump when it shifts up or down in low gears.
The water runs out of the engine in two places.
tranmision go into low gear wihen turn head light on
Transmission was overhauled. When put back. Transmission was overhauled due to water/oil mix up at the radiator resulted in poor pull up on D, worked fine in 2, and L.
It seems something is still wrong after overhaul. What are the possibilities? any computer resting needed after transmission overhaul?
Want to know what other years/models of 4runner can I use for interchangeable parts? body, interior, mechanical?
after i pulled the relay out the base of it continued to chattter is this a serious problem
Many time I need to accelerate hard to get the truck to start moving after a stop. Also on occasion the breaks lock up at slow speed stops.To me it sounds like break caliper issues. It's like they are not releasing pressure? Thanks for your input.
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