1999 Toyota 4Runner Questions

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the heater control screen in very dim, can you change bulbs?

the window on the rear passenger side does not go up or down

Need to drain oil after putting too much in and cannot see/find oil cap under truck, is there a plate or something I need to remove to get to it and the oil filter? Any pics?

Added too much oil, now blowing white smole especially tail pipe...toyoa 4runner..diagnosis?

My trailer lights are fine so I know it is in the vehicle. I tried changing the converter box thinking that was the ticket, but I still have the same issue. I also checked the fuses as well. What should I try next?

Brock downloads would be good

and replaced

very slow to speed up .hard to get on the freeway.have to let off gas and try again for it to speed up ,that dont work every time .it even back fires on occasion.

Rythmic knock/thump when AC is on. Sound is not there when car first starts or when AC first turns on. Takes at least 5 minutes after startup. I leave AC on all the time, first realized it was A/C related when I started turning things off to see if sound would stop - does when A/C turned off.

The coolant tank is empty,after running, the tank no brooken.

I have recently had a bad vibration while excellerating as well as maintaining speeds over 60 MPH. The check engine light is on with a lean fuel indicator and O2 sensor. Is this the problem or something more?

I noticed my truck started making a rattle noise underneath every time I drive over speed bumps. It came and went. But now I hear it A LOT. It sounds like something is about to fall apart under my truck. I can't tell if it's coming from the rear or front. Any ideas?

Proper procedure to change the mass air flow sensor.

estimated cost to replace timing belt @ 120000 miles

The engine shakes the whole car and does not have no power at times and the check engine light starts flashing.This will happen when your at a stop.Then it will clear up. The code that it enters is p120. I have replaced the throttle position sensor twice and have also replaced the plugs,cleaned the throttle body and put new gas filter on.