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My '99 Toyota 4Runner 4wd SR5 did not come with fog lights or the correct fog light compliment on the multi function stalk mounted on the left of the steering column. I bought OEM fog lights, had them installed by a Toyota dealership, and ordered the correct multi function stalk with the fog light adaptation. When the new part arrived the service mgr said the new stalk, which looks identical to the original except for fog light accommodation switch would not mount on the steering column although the electrical
connections on the switch corresponded fine. He did not know why the new stalk would not mount like the original one...he said the steering column would not allow it. So, basically, my steering column is different for non foglight set up than one that came from the factory with fog lights? That seems odd, especially since the stock OEM fog light wiring was in my 4Runner already.
flushed the radiator, new thermostat/gasket new upper/lower hoes new water outlet gasket, WILL NOT FLOW
The horn would work intermittently, then it stayed on until I disconnected the exterior horn unit. The air bag lite is now on.
I want to knowwhere I canfind the thermostaton the1999toyota4runner to change it
Any time temperature gets below about 30 degrees
the E-brake light comes on then goes off. what can be the problem?????
When trying to fill up the gas tank the gas pump keeps shutting off because it saying it's full it takes me forever to put even a couple dollars into the gas tank because it keeps shutting off. I assume it needs a new ball inside the gas tank and I was wondering about how much it would cost to get fixed
My starter went about 3 years ago and ever since I had it hasn't ran the same. You have to let it warm up before it will pick up any speed and then all of a sudden it just stopped accelerating. I have changed the fuel filter and was told my o2 sensor is broke. Can you help?
the neddle is working erraticaly , mean not reading the rigth amount of gas the ytank have
it automatic transmission 3.4 4wd limited i shift to drive after changing oil and filter and it wont go but i put reverse right away it moves can it be the solenoid and which one is it and where to locate it
It usually happens after it has warmed up but doesn't do it all the time sometimes it's loud sometimes you can barely hear it no check engine light on or any other lights on fluids are all fine no over heating
I have changed the transmission fluid and gear oil in transfer case, yet the transmission still overheats, to the point the shifter handle is hot to the touch. I drove approx. 200 miles with a small trailer and 2 kayaks, so not very heavy load.
Purchased vehicle 4 weeks ago. Fuel pump went out week one. Replaced fuel pump and filter. The car ran fine until yesterday. Began to sputter and then died. Will not restart. Cranks but will not turn over. Checked the timing belt and it looks good. Diagnostic test calls for bank 1 fault. po420. Local parts store tested and advised that the catalytic converter could cause my issue. Checked all fuses. All visible electrical connections look okay. At a loss.
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