1998 Toyota 4Runner Questions

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AC not working. Want to get used parts.
Sometimes it needs a little "rev" to get into first. I never have a problem getting into other gears, just first. In the morning the car must be running for 30 mins minimum to get good clean shifts.

Sometimes when it doesn't want to shift i will try to rev it a little to get it to shift. If I just lay on the gas and try to force it, that rarely works. What does work is if I give the gas peddle a little pop. Just a quick rev and it will usually shift.
4wd will not work
I ran diagnostics on it and no trouble codes came back
My forerunner won't let me go over 2400 rpms without spitting and sputtering the truck has had a tune up recently plugs and wires only
I will supply new wring harnesses.
Transmission works fine but I looses drive and second gear after traveling On highways at high speeds. I've checked fluid level and It is fine.the problem all started when I stopped at a stop sign. There was certain jerk like I was rear ended but no one was behind me. I also heard a metal breaking noise come from the tranny. It's a 1998 toyota 4runner limited edition 4x4 with a v6, automatic transmission with 155000 miles on it.
the vibration smooths out at 60 mph somewhat
I'm thinking of taking the rear hatch door and front and rear bummers off a 99 4Runner and putting them on a 98 4Runner. Are these parts interchangeable?
My question says it all... The check engine light blinks, sometimes stays on continuously, and sometimes does not display at all, seems that the problem is intermediate. Thoughts?
I have changed the sparkplugs and swapped the coils and the same error appears, so it is not the spark plugs and not the coil. I have put injector cleaner in the fuel and run about 1/2 a tank, still no improvement. The check engine light comes on and goes off, and sometimes it blinks and sometimes it stays on continuously. If it is a fuel injector who can I get to replace it at a reasonable cost?
I am having my head gasket replaced, along with machined head, timing chain guides, and all necessary gaskets replaced on my 4runner. What is a fair price to have to pay for a job like this? I feel as tho im being ripped off..
My car has a tough time shifting gears, and when it engages after pressing down it jolts pretty hard. It often wont engage and when it does there is the smaller amount of power behind the accelerator. I know it may be the transmission but is there anything else I could do before I drop 1500 on a rebuild transmission?
Change battery and new clamps cleaned wires good. Only have lights and horn and will not start.
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