1997 Toyota 4Runner Questions

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Belt squeels when heater turned on. Do these have timing chain

no power at turn key. pump is brand new

I have overheating car with leakage from blown head gasket will using the sealant repair the water pump leakage

4Runner starts in Neutral and will engage drive and reverse. Will not go into park. I can turn the engine off in Neutral, however since it won't go into park I can't turn the ignition switch all the way off.

I have a 5 mi. drive to work, morning drive is fine. 90* temps on way home in stop and go traffic seem to lock up brakes after 3 or 4 mi. Acceration is difficult and vehicle slows much to fast plus brake pedal has no play. mechanic says brakes and calipers fine. i replaced catilytic converter recommended by my mechanic and no change, what else may be causing problem. Mechanic now suggests transmission issues and i don't agree. These are expensive fixes for guess work. 4runner has 294,000 and have had no problems until 2 weeks ago.

Truck loses power. Dies. Used to jump it. Bang on starter. It would start. Replaced starter. Still had to jump it. Replaced battery. All in past week. Ran maybe 2hrs. Lost power. Won't jump now. Nothing. Had to tow it home. I'm guessing new alternator. And belts. Also has some weird wiring issues. Need it to run.

I need some info

I have a 97 toyota 4runner with 170,00 miles, over last several weeks has blown intermittent blue smoke out of exhaust at start up, stops usually within a few minutes. in last week have noticed power difference when under load, also intermittent. replaced PCV and related vacuum hoses. no change. is there anything to check / could be causing it other than valves or worse engine issues? Appreciate your help.

I have 165k. The motor will jerk sometimes from a start. The transmission just started doing this. Is this being caused by my throttle position sensor,or is my shift solenoid going out? Or both? Please help!

Been boosting car off, so bought new battery and with the new battery the alarm goes off and the car wont start. Cant get the alarm off unless you unplug the battery. I thought it was just the battery. I never had a key with a remote so I didnt know the car had an alarm. When I bought the car it didnt have a remote key.