1996 Toyota 4Runner Questions

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I'm getting ready to replace my neutral safety switch. I was just wondering if there's any other options that you might know of. The shifter is a little loose I can go from drive to neutral without even skipping a Beat.
tail brake right hand rear turn signal and front marker lights stay on with master fuse in fuse block.When master power fuse is in all these lights stay on and hazard lights will not work. With master power fuse out all lights work normally.unless head lights are on.
They randomly flash when my 4runner is off. I can look into the driveway and just see them flash randomly.
The 3 inch lift is causing the boots to tear . Lasted about 6 month and if I continue the ball joints will need to be replaced again.
rear passenger window will go down but not up unless someone pulls on window while another person holds up/down switch.
On freeway then she shakes and decelerates to 20mph. Abs system cpletely locks my tires have to disconnect battery to reset system. Help frustrated. Does she need booster or what
What do I do when SUV won't crank the next morning?
slight damage on passenger door and front corner panel will only go 30 mph n back fires with fuse in n runs fine with fuse out but then the things listed for that fuse do not work
I just had the transmission put in it's a 4x4 and now it's not going into gear. I changed the slave cylinder. I bled the lines but it still not shifting gears. Can any body help me out
i replaced the calipers rotors pads hardware lines and stab links. the steering still shakes above 35 mph could it be a defective rotor
I fill up my tank and driVing for 90 miles in the high way and it wastes half a tank of gas. What could be the problem
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