1995 Toyota 4Runner Questions

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my car does the exact same thing. word for word. what have you done to fix that?
Still clicks with new starter. Won't start what else could it be
My 1995 Toyota 4runner sr5 3.0 liter v6 when the overdrive button is depressed on the automatic transmission shifting handle to shift into overdrive the check engine light will immediately or a short time after placed into overdrive. Just about the time I had first seen the CEL condition the speedometer stopped working( coincidence or not) ? Where or what can I do to further isolate this issue ?
Anti lock brake light stays on
The vehicle has new water pump, thermostat, radiator recently flushed. When I drive on flat surface temp gage reads normal however, when I drive up an incline road temp gage goes to red but engines shows no sign of overheating.
Piston was like clean of carbon and looks new
I have to wait for my truck to fully warm up for it to shift into 4th gear and overdrive but if i drive it while its cold when she shifts into 4th gear she will downshift automatically and the rpms will skyrocket
First it started out like a lifter ticking so i put more oil in it and it was running fine but a few days later it sounded like something went boom under the hood and now its running very rough i cant even start it
While driving my 4runner it seems that the transmission is not engaging in drive with the overdrive on and the ect on, it does fine for a while then the engine just revs, but when I turn the overdrive off and ect off usually it goes back into gear
how do you check if a mass airflow sensor is working properly
When I put it in gear it won't sometimes move at drive or reverse. Fluid level is good. Is this a sign that the transmission is going or has gone out. What do I need to do because I don't want to say I need a transmission if I don't. Would the screen make it do that?? Need a answer please. Thanks
Why when n 2nd or 3rd gear and gas is pushed the rpms go up but we can't get any power?
my transmission doesn't want to work when I put it on Lower sac and then I shift I'm going to take to drive
How do I change power brake booster?
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