1994 Toyota 4Runner Questions

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My 4runner is automatic and it wont shift from the 3rd gear. I have swapped out the solenoid and still no changes. Does my transmission need to be replaced?
Fuel Pressure good, air intake module good, fuel pump new, intake housing good.
I had the motor running and after it warmed up for a while it would cut off like it ran out of fuel but I don't have spark from the coil. At first I could let the motor cool down for an hour or so and it would start back up and then die again after it warmed up but now I can't get it started at all. Timing belt good,rotor in distributor turns normally I can't find crankshaft sensor it maybe in the distributor but I don't know how to test it I don't know if I have a cam sensor that I need to check or not? I did pull the rubber gas line from the fuel pressure regulator. I crank the motor and some fuel did pump out of it but not a lot of pressure. I don't know if fuel pressure on this vehicle would cause it not to get spark of the coil? It doesn't seem to be a Schrader valve on the metering bar .Below the rubber gas line I pulled off the pressure regulator there is below that a banjo nut fuel line connected to the metering bar should I cracked that nut and see if there's pressure there ?Any help you could be would be greatly appreciated I like to get this 94 Toyota forerunner with the V6 3.0 EFI motor and automatic transmission back out on the beach thanks for your help
the truck had the trans rebuild at about 150k it is a 4x with v6. i swapped out the solenoids thinking that was the possible problem and an easy fix. truck also has an intermittent issue with the lock up on the converter after a bit of time on the highway.
The car still won't start. it did start and i took the jumper off but when i turned it off it won't start back even with the jumper
197000 miles never replaced,engines runs rough
It has a V6. The alternator belt was bad so I thought I'd change all the belts at the same time. Maybe someone can give some advice on how to get that pesky ac belt on? Thanks for any advice!
3.0 Liter
run at normal speeds it will stays cool just in the center of the gauge. stop and turn it off let it sit for a few mins. and restart and if will get hot drive down the road or sit and rev it up and will cool down. Coolant level is good fan is good fan clutch good and no leaks from the water pump. It will fill up the over flow and loss of some coolant so I think water pump is working. could it be the thermostat sticking? will not overheat after I get it to cool down. also the radiator was replaced 2 years ago. thanks for your help
Recently overheated oil looks ok what do i do and how much will it cost?
Automatic. After sitting awhile it will go back into 4 high by itself. Thanks
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