1993 Toyota 4Runner Questions

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i have checked all fuses and their is still no air blowing in the truck. So now i am trying to figure out where or how do you no if it is the fans.
I changed the intake it will idle and rev fine put in gear super slug speed plz help
return test indicated 20% compression in cylinder number 4 remove valve cover and found that it is blowing right next to the intake valve.just curious if this could be a simple ford issue or if I am dealing with bad rings or possibly head gasket
we replaced the clutch, now wont start it just clicks so we replaced the starter. it will start if we pull it off. we have checked battery, checked wiring everything is connected. any suggestions
I have low compression on cyl1:75lbs cyl2:155lbs cyl3:105lbs and cyl4:175lbs. When the truck is idling and I remove the cyl1 wire it make no difference. And after I drive for a little bit it smells like burn, also when driving at about 45-55mph the truck looses power but gains it when I go over 55mph
Truck runs very rough and has no power and the catalytic converter hot orange glow after it warms up
i lost the bolts and have to find replacements fast. i heard that i need 1 which measures m9x1.25x12.8 and i need 5 that measure 8.8x1.25x12.8 does anyone know if this is correct?
i have checked the hot wire on coil and the ignition igniter module and still cant get fire
have fire to coil but no spark out of coil or dist cap to pulgs
I unscrewed the 2 phillips screws on each side of the pin connector on top of the air box enclosure. I pulled the connector out slightly and then plugged it back in and also re-installed the screws as well. I removed the air box and the air hoses and then inspected the air filter. Everything looked fine. I put everything back. Now the vehicle cranks, but won't start. Why?
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