1992 Toyota 4Runner Questions

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how do I do a test to see what the code is?
Engine is 3.0 v6. I can hear clicking noises from the relays and what look like vacume solinoids
when i turn the key none of the lights on the dashboard light up, it kinda sounds like the 'choke is on' if it was a chainsaw or mover. its just not quite turning over when i try to start it.
Will reverse slowly on level, but typically moves only after low range is engaged. Fluid/filter changed recently.
also, all sparkplug wires replaced. 192,000 miles on truck. engine was replaced by toyota on recall at 78,000 miles. when in gear engine runs rough. how can this problem be solved?
o/d on blinking
Truck starts up good; once put in gear, either reverse or drive--engine will die. Also, using more gas; cold check of tranny oil shows over full and warm check of tranny oil shows it is low. No catalytic converters; been used on family farm. Any suggestions appreciated; please give location of part to be checked, so I will be able to find it. THANKS
Ok so I was headed to take my daughter to school one morning went over a speed bump and my 4 runner stalled out. Tried to restart it and it just kept cranking, not starting. Spray it with starting fluid and it starts but stalls out. I have replaced the fuel pump, and filter, and pressure regulator, and cap, rotor, wires. timing belt was done about a year ago along with plugs. I don't know what else to do. I have tried disarming the alarm on the 4 runner and nothing still works. Someone please help me.
I'm trying to get some good website for repairing my vehicle part name and specs not able to find anything any suggestions
While at idle my engine run fine but when I slightly apply gas the engine shakes it does this sitting still in park and when on the interstate
The transmission leak is not coming from the pan the only other place I can think of is the bell housing if any other possible spots please help me out.

The other problem I'm having is at random times after engine is warmed up I smell coolant and smoke appears to be coming from the back left of the engine if anyone can help me I would greatly appritiate it don't have a lot of money and a big fan of doing things myself
fit on a 92 4 runner with a manual transmission
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