1991 Toyota 4Runner Questions

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The compressed is not engagihg at all and the engine is not getting drawn down from idle. thank hillbilly
My a/c worked before I went through a big puddle
Was running fine the won't start it's getting gas. I'll check this morning for spark if no spark what should I do? I've replaced timing chain, water pump and key switch about a year ago.
It just started to happen recently. Mine is a manual transmission. It can be on any surface and will almost not move when on first gear only. Only happens on the first use of the day. thank you
Check engine light sometimes does not come on when ignition key turned. As a result the engine turns but does not start. After a few false starts, engine check light comes on then car starts. Also sometimes when car is running, the engine cuts out, then I have to wait til the engine check light comes back on before car can restart. What relay do I need to change and where is located? Cheers. Sifa
If I rev the engine it will hesitate and sputter it will do it no matter what gear I'm in and happens everyday
where is the overdrive solenoide switch located on my suv toyota sr5 4runner.
Is it most likely a bad relay fuse, or solanoid switch.
Which holes in diagnosis
block by fuse box do i put wire ends into to check for code number. I have a 3.0
liter v6 3vze engine.
Wondering if that's true and would that then tell you it's a bad starter if it doesn't start the truck? Thank You
It started off as a light vibration when accelerating from stop position. Now its a heavy vibration on flat roads. When on a small hill it is terrible and almost doesn't move. Whatever it is needs to be fixed asap. Thanks in advance for your help
After doing head gaskets on 3vze, it rattles like a diesel in the timing costs .
Purchased car 2 months ago. Window moved slowly then and just stopped moving a couple weeks ago. Need to repair. Always used the key to open window. Have not tried using the switch in the vehicle.
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