Q: Town and Country clunking noise on 2001 Chrysler Town & Country

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I have a chrysler town and country limited. I have had a clunking noise coming from the front end when I go over bumps at low speeds. To me the noise sounds like someone banging the inside of an upside down plastic cup. I took it to two differnt mechanics who told me the front struts needed to be replaced. I bought the quick struts that replaced the spring and all. I also replaced the stabilizer or sway bars while replaceing the struts. Got really excited to not hear the noise while on the way to get it alligned and the noise is still there. Any suggestions?

(1) Answer
Two items you might have missed are the Sway Bar Bushings (mounts to cradle) and the Sway Bar Links (dog bones). The Cradle bushings are the most common cause of the clunking noise and unfortunately many people replace the struts only to find that the noise is still present. The Bushing cost about $15.00 (2) and require about 30 minutes to replace. The Ball joint is the Links are also a source of the noise, but like I mentioned, the bushing are the most common and overlooked.