Q: Today we had the power steering pump replaced but still can’t park it easily on 1995 Lexus LS400

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The car drives fine but it had become increasingly difficult to parallel park it. We were told it needed to have the power steering pump replaced. We paid $909 for the privilege but there is no difference, in fact, I think it is even more difficult to park. It seems to me, when I put my foot on the brake the steering locks up – is there something else that could be wrong with the car? We have been going to this mechanic for nearly 20 years.
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Now don't blame the car for being hard to parallel park! Had to. May be the steering rack, check fluid level. Let your mechanic have another look, after 20 years of working on your cars, he knows more about your vehicles than we can ever guess at! Pump was more than likely weak
and may have trashed the rack or vise versa. Any noise like a belt slipping?
Fluid level was OK - as I said - the power steering pump was replaced but the car behaves no better. The mechanics said nothing about the steering rack and belt is not slipping.