Q: to much gas on 1998 Buick Park Avenue

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fuel psi is 54psi,with plugs out gas vapors are coming out big time. with mass air flow senser disconected same thing where do I go from here? ECM? and where is that located and can they be checked out?
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54 psi is the correct fuel pressure for your 1998 Buick Park Avenue. It is also normal to smell gas if you crank the engine over with the plugs out as the injectors are still firing. if you removed the plugs and found them wet with fuel you could have a problem with the ignition system. Is the spark OK? The best way to check the operation of the ECM is with a scan tool. You can check for fault codes, look at the data being received (a faulty coolant sensor for example and cause to much fuel), and you can also monitor some of the ECM outputs. If you are indeed trying to diagnose a crank no start condition remember the basics: Fuel (the correct amount at the correct time), Spark ( the correct voltage at the correct time), and Compression (engine mechanical systems working correctly).
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