to much fuel entering one cylinder changed injector but no change on 1999 Pontiac Grand Am

brake was tight and tried to drive but was hard to move and then engine had cylinder 3 misfire detected took plugs out turned it over and fuel shooting out of that cylinder even after changing injector ,what else can i try?p0303 code

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Sure it is FUEL"shooting out" of # 3 cyl? Check it again with fuel pump fuse pulled see if fluid still comes out of 3. Sure sounds like a head gasket/head problem and coolant is what you are seeing.
UNLESS vacuum circuit for fuel pressure regulator goes to 3 then possible reg. defective. Test for fuel in vac. hose going to regulator.
Test for fuel pressure bleed off. Pressure test cooling system!
yes it is fuel, replaced fuel pressure regulator, got same result ,disconnected injector wire and no fuel came out cylinder,could it be the ecm ?
Circuit from ecm to injector needs to be checked but i bet the computer is the culprit! Injector can not be pulsing but being held open. Driver circuit falt. What codes do you have now?
i would like to try and replace the ecm but can i get a new one and just put it in or does the ecm have to be programmed ?
Yes it has to be flashed but you can get it already done by calling NAPA with the info from the original one.
how do i get the info off the original? by numbers on it or by use of a scan tool?
These #'s are on the unit, it will have to be removed to see them.
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I agree with wetry