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Volvo tires come in several types and sizes, from all season to high performance, and everything in between. Volvo mostly uses Michelin tires on their passenger vehicles like the S80 and the V40. On the AWD vehicles, they use Pirelli Scorpion and Continental tires. Some models such as the S60R, V70R, and S80 T6 will use low profile, high performance tires such as Michelin Pilot tires.

Many Volvo models have specific snow chain and winter tire requirements, so make sure you check your owners manual or your Volvo dealership before purchasing snow chains or winter-specific tires.

Volvo All Wheel Drive (AWD)

These vehicles have special requirements for tires and wheels. It is important that all four tires are the same brand, size, and rating of tire. It is also important to keep all of the tires properly inflated according to the tire pressure label on the fuel filler door. Failure to meet these criteria may result in damage to the transmission and/or the AWD system. Check your owners manual for more information.

Volvo S60

This model has had issues with the front tires rubbing against the inner fender well. Volvo has replaceable steering limiters that help prevent this, but it can be a difficult issue to resolve. When replacing S60 tires, it is important to get the same size as the originals.

Volvo XC90

Spare tires on the XC90 are under the rear of the vehicle—you will need to use the special tool to lower the tire. You should take the time to practice removing the spare tire in the daylight, in a safe spot. The next time might be at night and on the side of the highway, which is not where you want to do this for the first time! Make sure the shop that services your XC90 checks the pressure in the spare. It is more work, so some shops may not do this unless asked.

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