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Suzuki 2008 XL7 same as Chevy Equinox and Pontiac Torrent. Brake pedal pulsating when applying brake and without applying brake. No ABS light coming on after startup. No fluid leaks.
Pedal pulsati...

It has to be specific for a 2005 Suzuki Verona EX answer please!!!

How can I get the blinking [TMPS] tire pressure light off the driver's dashboard display?? The TMPS blinks continously.

, 2007 Suzuki Forenza, Vero Beach, FL

It has a plastic cover which my manual said to turn counterclockwise but it's not coming off.

, 2007 Suzuki XL-7, Dover, DE

tire pressure light is on. Right rear tire and left front.

What is the problem? We tried pushing the car, towing the car that only round my tires, when the tow truck put out on the flat bed the tired moved but as soon as we put it back on the ground nothin...