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Proper tire inflation is critical to the safe operation of all vehicles. Tire pressure specifications can be found on an inflation sticker on the driver's door frame or in the owners manual. Fuel mileage, increased tire wear, ride quality, handling, and road noise are just a few of the problems that might arise from improperly inflated tires.

Some tires may get a "flat spot" after sitting overnight. This can cause a slight tire shake until the tires reach operating temperature. This is a normal condition.

All models up to 2007 with cast aluminum wheels may experience a loss of air pressure that is due to porosity in the aluminum casting. Have your repair shop refer to GM SB-05-03-10-003B for instructions on how to repair this problem.

2008–2009 Saturn Models

On vehicles equipped with the tire pressure monitoring system, the tire pressure warning light may stay on because of a software issue. There is updated control module software available from the dealer to correct this problem. Make sure to always check your tire pressures when you see this warning light, including the spare tire (SB-08-03-16-004A or SB-08-03-16-001B).

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Saturn Tire Questions and Answers

About a week ago, I had the front crank shaft pulley seal repaired. It seems like the motor is locked up now. The oil light had not come on since the repair but did come on once the flapping sound...

Tim is very hot. You can hear a rubbing sound from passenger front break pads changed about 3000 miles ago

Car is a bit bumpy, are the rotors caring the brake light to come on? Concerned because my 17 year old shares the car

The roaring Is as loud as a big truck, but slowing down don't hear