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I was told by someone who isn't really good with cars but knows a little bit more than I do at least that my CV boot was completely gone on my right side and now it's been about a month sin...

Starts vibration or shaking at 60 mph and above, like shake ..shake..shake.. intermittently. Balancing done, no tire bumps, tie rod end good.but does not shake the driving wheel

After losing my drivers rear tire in traffic, I put the spare tire on and noticed the blinkers, brake lights and fuel gauge don't work. Flashers do, everything else works. everything. Im hopi...

My finger doesn't fit in between the tire and rear knuckle so I'm not sure if there's different knuckles do bigger rims or what. Please help me and Thank You.

They also said they have a brick underneath the tire so it doesn't move what could be wrong with it and roughly how much would it be to get fixed