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Mini Tire Questions and Answers

The front end is not out of alignment. The car drives fine, but both of my rear tires are wearing evenly on the inside.

I keep replacing parts and if the car sit for a week. The battery is dead

Battery went bad, changed it, but plugged battery pack into the cig. Lighter. Not tach, speedometer, gas gauge, and turn indicator lights on panel not working. Could it be a fuse or cluster of fus...

I hit a curb six months ago, popped a hole in my tire. Got new tire and alignment, because I hit the curb hard. Now the car is pulling to either side and shakes when I drive.

3 weeks after getting it back, it started to pop! Out of first gear and felt and sounded as if I hit a brick wall. Called place that replaced clutch and guy said that it didn't have anything to...