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Vehicles Equipped with Tire Pressure Monitor System

This system is designed to warn you if your tires are low on pressure. Driving with tires that are too low can be very dangerous, so be sure to check the pressure in all of the tires.

If the pressures are okay, make sure that metal valve stem caps are not installed. They can interfere with the signals from the tire pressure sensors in the wheels.

Unless supplied by Mercedes, do not inject any "fix a flat" type tire sealant into your wheels; it can damage the tire pressure sensors. Refer to your owners manual for more info on this topic.

The tire pressure sensors have batteries that last about five years. When one goes out, it's a good idea to replace all of them. Sensors may develop leaks—there is a seal kit available from Mercedes to address this problem.

Staggered Wheels

Since you cannot rotate the tires on vehicles with staggered wheels (the pair of wheels on one end of the vehicle are a different size or shape than the wheels on the other end), it is important to pay attention to tire pressures, tire wear, and wheel alignment to get the maximum life from your tires. Pay close attention to the inner edge of the rear tires as they tend to wear quickly and it is difficult to actually see this kind of wear unless you are looking for it.

Chrome Plated Wheel Issues

Slow leaks can occur if the chrome starts peeling off. If the chrome flakes away from the tire bead area, rust can build up and cause leakage.

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