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Lincoln Aviator 2003–2005, Lincoln Navigator 2003–2006

Vehicles with the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) may experience a situation where the warning light is on, yet the tire pressures are correct. One possibility is that the pressure sensors have "gone to sleep" and need to be reset. There is a reset tool available, or you can have a shop reset the sensors. Have the shop refer to the Ford TSB-06-3-7.

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just bought old car but good one 49000 miles wouldn't start put a fuel pump on running great, one problem,,driving down the road every few miles it makes a noise like we are running over lines ...

it just started happening I haven't been driving my car I took it to a couple shop to get looked at and they are telling me different things so I'm trying to figure out what it could be the...

, 1998 Lincoln Continental, Safety Harbor, FL

Get fair pricing for good quality tires to last about 60,ooo miles.

, 2005 Lincoln LS, 3.0L V6, Rockville, MD

2005 ls v-6. I've noticed that, at highway speeds, there is some difficulty keeping a straight line without constantly moving the steering wheel slightly back and forth. The car seem to drift f...

It's in the back of the car it does this