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, 2009 Kia Optima, La Grange, TX

I have new tires and the alignment is fine. Car drives nicely...just the roaring road noise type sound coming from the front of vehicle. It started out as a low end noise. It has escalated to a lou...

, 2010 Kia Soul,

Speedometer reads 17 to 20 % slow,All the time.Since bought car used 10 months ago. Has correct size tires and wheels.

It came without a spare donut or tire.

Now hes saying after replacing the drive shaft that car still isnt fixed 2 months later now the sensors or not working car cant be driven well shouldnt he have known that atleast a month ago

filled up with gas and the next morning when I started it, it leaked gas profusely by the back drivers side tire. I can't see a leak or bad hose. What else could it possibly be?