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A missing piece from one of the hubcaps may cause front wheel vibration.

Some tires may get a "flat spot" after sitting overnight. This can cause a slight tire shake until the tires reach operating temperature. This is a normal condition.

Proper tire inflation is critical to the safe operation of all vehicles. Tire pressure specifications can be found on an inflation sticker on the driver's door frame or in the owners manual. Fuel mileage, increased tire wear, ride quality, handling, and road noise are just a few of the problems that might arise from improperly inflated tires.

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Geo Tire Questions and Answers

I nave replaced bearings, seals,races, cv shafts, had a alignment done. Even bought new tires. I have done everything I know to do what am I missing?

The wheel were straight and the steering wheel was not and I came to a stop and a loud pop sound and the car stopped the front left tire was almost broken off. Tow driver said it may be the Front d...

, 1995 Geo Prizm, 1.6L 4 Cylinder, Rogers, AR

Changed passenger front tire an then this started

Is this only a egr problem. It will start again after 20minutes. Please help. Thanks

The back end of my tracker wants to go its own way after tring to go into 2nd gear that's when it happens! Even just looking. At my truck from the back it looks like left tire is more to the ri...

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