Ford Tires

Ford Explorer 1995–1998

If your vehicle has tendency to drift or pull while driving, shows signs of tire wear, or exhibits poor ride quality, this may be caused by maladjusted ride height settings. Proper ride height should be checked as part of a wheel alignment and corrected as necessary. Have the repair shop refer to TSB-98-17-15 for more information on checking and adjusting the ride height.

Ford Expedition, Explorer 2003–2006, Ford Escape, Freestar 2006

Vehicles with the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) may experience a situation where the warning light is on, yet the tire pressures are correct. One possibility is that the pressure sensors have "gone to sleep" and need to be reset. There is a reset tool available, or you can have a shop reset the sensors. Have the shop refer to the Ford TSB-06-3-7.

Ford Windstar 2001–2002

Some vehicles may experience a situation where the warning light is on, yet the tire pressures are correct and the system has not detected any faults. The ABS (anti-lock brakes) system monitors the individual wheel speeds and will determine if one wheel is losing tire pressure by analyzing the change in speed of that one particular wheel. When the light is on, be sure to check all the tire pressures according to the owners manual. If everything checks out, there may be a problem with the ABS control module.

E-Series Vans

To get the best tire wear, use tires with a highway tread design. Other types of tread designs tend to wear unevenly.

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Ford Tire Questions and Answers

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, 1999 Ford Expedition, O'Fallon, IL

Ford Expedition. 1999. Was driving home and got stuck in traffic jam. Could smell something like burning. Got home and behind the front tire was smoking.

It sounds like my tires are spinning out but I'm on dry pavement its also jerked really bad when i put it in reverse

, 1996 Ford Mustang, Saint Cloud, MN

I own a 1996 ford mach 2 mustang with a v6 engine , this afternoon while driving on the freeway i heard a rattling sound like somthing was loose under the car , the temp gauge had been going over i...