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Proper tire inflation is critical to the safe operation of all vehicles. Tire pressure specifications can be found on an inflation sticker on the driver's door frame or in the owners manual. Fuel mileage, increased tire wear, ride quality, handling, and road noise are just a few of the problems that might arise from improperly inflated tires.

All models up to 2007 with cast aluminum wheels may experience a loss of air pressure that is due to porosity in the aluminum casting. Have your repair shop refer to GM SB-05-03-10-003B for instructions on how to repair this problem.

For all 2008–2009 Buick models with the tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), the warning light may stay on due to a software issue with the tire pressure monitor control unit. There is updated control module software available from the dealer to correct this concern. In some cases, the control module and/or other parts of the TPMS may also need replacement. You should always check your tire pressures when you see this warning light, including the spare tire.

Buick Century or Regal 1999–2000

Due to internal faults with the electronic brake and traction control module (EBTCM), the low tire pressure warning message or light may illuminate when the tire pressures are not low. If this is the case, the EBTCM will need to be replaced to correct this fault (SB-01-03-10-008A).

Buick Century 1999-1996 and Buick Lesabre 1990–1999

Some of these models had outer tie rod end wear, which caused looseness in the steering and abnormal wear of the front tires. After replacing any of these components, the front end alignment should be checked and adjusted if necessary.

Buick Lucerne 2000–2007

Due to an internal fault with the tire pressure monitor control unit, the tire pressure monitor message might come on. It is recommend to replace the control unit, its antenna, and the door lock remotes to correct this concern (SB-07-08-52-001B).

Buick Roadmaster 1990–1996

If you experience looseness in the steering and abnormal wear of the front tires, it may be from the idler arm, pitman arm, or center link components of the front steering linkage. After replacing any of these components, the front end alignment should be checked and adjusted if necessary.

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Buick Tire Questions and Answers

piperdriver, 2005 Buick Rainier, Tinley Park, IL

This has been going on for 9 yrs. I'm on third set of tires at 109,000 miles. Could it be universal joint?

Dale_20, 2007 Buick Lucerne, Avon, OH

Twice I have gone to the dealer and both times they re-sealed the alloy wheels, yet I still have this problem. Can I put another style of rims on this car because this is extremely annoying?

kimpate7, 1999 Buick LeSabre, Keystone Heights, FL

Fixed broken ignition wire. Now security lite comes on a lot and sometimes car won't start even after I follow steps n manual. All happens intermittently. Is there a way to bypass security sys...

Clorann, 2002 Buick Rendezvous, Detroit, MI

Recently, I had to replaced a hub assembly. My Mechanic told me if could have been because I had different brand name tires. Can you tell me if he was correct?

Mr.Shaw, 2002 Buick Century, 3.1L V6, Potwin, KS

the front passenger wheel wobbl the front passenger wheel wobbles a lot and pulls to the right side why is this?