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, 2012 BMW 740i, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

does the 2012 BMW 740i require wheel alignment on the rear tires?

Whenever I come close to putting on my brakes my car starts shaking. And when I'm driving my car pulls to one side.

I have had a persistent rattle that can be heard from the rear passenger side of my car when driving on uneven roads. The noise is the worst between 10 and 40 mph. The entire suspension has been ch...

, 1994 BMW 325is, Lennon, MI

the vibration is enough to dislodge the steering colom lock. it also can come on at 45mph.when. i take a bend to the left it goes away and to the right it stay's the same.

when I first start out acts normally then as time goes on it gets worse. I have had days where I was ok up until 60 then ays where i can't get over 45. I feel it in the front end and the vibrat...