Q: Tires keep getting out of balance since day one. Tires only have 19854 miles. on 2005 Chrysler Sebring

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Two tires 4/32 and two tires 5/32 wear. Problem occurs every 4 months or so.
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Hi! This is Olivia with Boulevard Tire Center - I'm here to help answer your question about your tires being out of balance. The tell-tale sign of your tires being out of balance is simply having a shake or vibration in the steering wheel and/or shaking in the seat of the vehicle - There's a couple different reasons why your tires could be out of balance...

-They're continuing to throw a weight
-Your alignment is out (although an alignment and balancing are two different things - they can cause the same symptoms)
-You have an "out of round" tire due to lack of tire rotation or manufacturer default

Boulevard Tire Center offers FREE alignment checks as well as FREE tire rotaion and LIFETIME balance - call us today if you would like to stop by (386)-734-6447