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Q: tire warranty worth it? on 1995 Honda Civic

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I'm replacing my tires I got 2.5 yrs ago (they were bottom of the line) and were leaking air slowy, one of them went flat.

I'm going to upgrade to a better tire, but wondered if I should bother with "road hazard warranty" as it did nothing in the case of these tires (the guy said they had dry rot and couldn't be repaired...).


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a tire that is dry rotted is customer responsibility buying a road hazard warranty is an insurance company game they are betting and you have a 98% chance of loosing because they only pay out 2% per year and the tires are pro rated for example if you buy a 80.00 tire an hit a pot hole an your tire has 50% worn out u pay 40.00 out of pocket now tell me who winning trust me i own a tire shop for 7 years an never recommend it once
Hi Pete,
Andy made some good points. On Avgerage, the Road Hazzard should never cost more then 10% of the tire itself. Most tire dealers have similar RH Programs. Be sure to read the"fine-print".As like Andy, I also agree that is worth while for a piece of mind. Even in the worst of conditions you should not have had dry rot after only 2 1/2 years. When purchasing your new tires always check the date of production found on every tire at the end(last 4 numbers) of the DOT# ex;4808=48th week of 2008.Under a year old is good! Also never use a silicone base "tireshine". This is sure to expedite dry rot. Terry The Tireman
Road hazard usually covers nails or other types or puncture damage. I like hazard coverage mostly for piece of mind. If something damages the sidewall, I won't have to pay for my new tire. You have to decide whether $40 (or whatever it is) on the warranty is worth it to you. If you're spending 50-60 per tire I don't know. One tire patch repair normally costs $30-35. Warranties are always a gamble I'm afraid

It does seem odd that you already have dry rot on a 2 year-old tire. Is there any manufacturer warranty on that?
It's possible there isn't one, it was just a passing thought. If you haven't bought the tires yet, it can't hurt to ask :)
Andy - Thx for the info. yeah, I guess there's no sure-fire answer.

If there was a manufacturer's warranty, I thought that Pep-boys (where I bought the tires and warranty), would have told me about it - no?
Sorry this is not an answer. I got a similiar problem. My front tire had dry rot and it blew out on the side yesterday. The most amazing thing about it was that I bought the tires 1 year and 2 months ago. They are suppose to be new. I feel I will probably not be happy with what they say. PEP-BOYS SUCK!
I will save the tire and either go to TV station or put a video on U-tube. People should know about this.
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