Q: tire preasure senser on 2009 Chevrolet Malibu

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i have the reading on my tire preasure on my dash. the other day it read low tire preasure, so i put 30 psi in every tire as stated on my door as cold reading. so in the morning the next day it was reading 27 psi, after i drove for awhile the reading went to 30psi, so i am wondering if the sensers are bad or whatever??do you think i could take it back to the dealer under warranty? thank you
(2) Answers
As you drive you will gain tire pressure because the air heats up inside the the tire, when you put air in the tire it probably was already warm inside the tire 30psi then in the morning when the tires are cold the pressure will be lower , thats why the tires says 30psi cold because they want a consistent reading. Thats why race cars start with low tire pressure and as they race the tires come up to pressure so try 30 psi first thing in the morning.
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